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Haven't You Put Off Your Dreams of Being A Killer Drummer For Long Enough Already?

  • Are you passionate about the drums?  Does it give you goosebumps when you hear someone shredding - and you wish you could do it, too?
  • Too many people put off their dreams by another day because of one measly excuse or another.  Don't let that be you.
  • Play with your friends or start a band
  • Learn to play your favorite songs
  • Get Step By Step Instruction To Get You Drumming Sooner
  • Create Your Drumming Foundation So You Can Play Anything - Growing From the Ground Up Makes Complicated Rhythms Seem Like a Piece of Cake!
Why Should I Learn From The Beat Doctor Instead of Someone Else?

  • There are a zillion "free" drum lessons out there on the internet.  So why should you pay to take lessons?  The reason is simple.  Sure, some free lessons are great.  Others are given by dudes playing on a practice pad in their bedrooms at their mom's house.  But the Beat Doctor Drum Essentials Course gives you step-by-step instruction from the ground up - and always by a master drummer & experienced teacher.  
  • You'll get more than just the hodgepodge of different lessons strewn around the internet.  If you want to seriously improve your skills, you want detailed instruction that consistently builds on what you already know.  
  • When you have continuous instruction, you do better.  The Drum Essentials Course gives you conceptual continuity, which means that each new thing you learn makes the next thing easier to master.  It's like building blocks.  Start with the foundation, and build from there.
  • No matter what anybody promises you, no one can play like Neil Peart overnight.  What you can do is play like him faster.  The way this really happens is by practicing more, over time, a little at a time.  That's why I can realistically say that in just a few minutes a day, you'll get to your long-term success sooner.  I've seen it happen over and over with my students.
  • There's no other course like this anywhere.  Not only are there precious few membership drum courses on the internet, there is just one that gives you everything you need to know to become a killer drummer.
How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: "I Haven't Practiced, But I've Been Meaning To!"

  • With the Drum Essentials Course, you can stop kicking yourself for not practicing.  Why? Every time you have a new lesson available, you'll receive an email telling you so.  That's true for bonuses and freebies, too!  
  • You're encouraged to practice - it's the best way to get better, after all.  But with this continuing course, you'll always have something new to play - so it doesn't get old.  It's not another thing you "have to get to," it's a new tool to try out.  Every time you add another drumming tool to your toolbox, the hard stuff gets easier - and you get better.
  • This is not another drum DVD course that's going to get dusty on your shelf.  With step-by-step instruction over time, you'll find it's more manageable than staring at that box next to your drum magazines.  Learning in increments means you learn for keeps.
Who Benefits From The Beat Doctor Drum Essentials Course?

  • Whether you're a relative newbie or have been playing for years, you'll start learning new things from the Drum Essentials Course right away - guaranteed.  
  • Yep, you read that right.  Newbies can start with the weekly lessons and build from there, and more advanced players can dive into bonus lessons and play-alongs.  
  • Even the most advanced players can benefit from every single video within the course.  They say that little hinges swing big doors.  It's all about giving you little tweaks that you can leverage to vastly improve your drumming.
TONS of Bonuses:

  • A Breakdown of 28 Albums To Jet-Propel Your Drumming At Any Stage
  • 10+ Play-Along Tracks
  • 9 Beats You Must Know Before Your Next Gig
  • 6 Drum Licks You Can't Live Without
  • 7 Tools To Keep You Ready For Anything
  • Archives of Dozens of Tips and Tools in the Beat Doctor Blog - Exclusively for Members
  • Access to Your Very Own Beat Doctor Membership
  • You Get 4 Lessons Per Month, Plus All These Bonuses & More For Just $27 $19 a month - That's Less Than 1 Lesson at a Music School!  Plus, it's a 30% Discount Off Our Regular Price!
  • Not to mention, any time we add new bonuses, you're the first to gain access to them.
Our No-Hassle Policy:
  • Our Guarantee:  If you don't feel you've learned something new and improved your drum skills, just send us an email and we'll even refund your last subscription payment!
  • Sign up now, and all these Bonuses (and more) are FREE with your subscription to the Drum Essentials Course
  • You Keep Anything You've Downloaded From the Course
  • Easy, No-Hassle Cancellation Policy... If you decide the program's not for you, you can cancel at any time!  No gimmicks, no worries.  
  • You've Got Questions, We're Here:  Just Email & Get A Snappy Response!

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